This Week @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

  • Mon Apr 20

    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Wed Apr 22

    • who loves the sun presents:
    • waxahatchee
    • the goodbye party
    • mimisiku
  • Thu Apr 23

    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Fri Apr 24

    • the lash outs
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Sat Apr 25

    • $5/$7 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Tue Apr 28

    • orgullo primitivo
    • filth
    • j. lange
    • $5/$7 cover
    • 9pm doors

Monday, April 20 - Terminator 2

Terminator 2, Mike majkowski, ssbt, baby blood/they say the wind made them crazy

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

Terminator 2

Mike Majkowski

MIKE MAJKOWSKI (born 1983), is an Australian double bassist / composer living in Berlin since 2011. He studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, completing his Bachelor of Music in double bass performance with First Class Honours in 2005. Active across a wide spectrum of contemporary music, Majkowski has been working the fields of jazz, improvised and composed music since 2001. He has toured extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and has conducted workshops on improvisation and composition across Australia, as well as within Germany and Poland.


is an Austin-based electro-acoustic trio razing notions of volume, tempo, and symmetry via duel horns, duel guitars, tape, and percussion. In addition to an April 2014 tour with sound artist John Wiese (Sissy Spacek), the free improvisation group has played concerts throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mexico City and most recently completed an August 2014 tour of the Northwest US.

Baby Blood/ They Say The Wind Made Them Crazy joint set


Wednesday, April 22 - waxahatchee

waxahatchee waxahatchee

who loves the sun presents waxahatchee, the goodbye party, mimisiku

Tickets will be $12 presale:

and $14 day of show

Named after the lake not far from her parent's house in Alabama, Waxahatchee is the name of D.I.Y. songwriter Katie Crutchfield's band, which began in 2011 as a solo project, appearing first in the form of a split cassette with Chris Calvin. Katie had been writing songs since her early teen days and was playing with her sister Allison in the scrappy punk group P.S. Elliot for a time. That group disbanded around the time of a serious breakup, and Crutchfield stole away to her parent's country home where she recorded the songs that would become Waxahatchee's lo-fi debut full-length, 2012's American Weekend. The confessional if somewhat brittle songs on the project's debut gained Waxahatchee more exposure, and Crutchfield began performing in and around Philadelphia, where she now lived. She assembled a band to back her up live, and in 2013, the sophomore album Cerulean Salt was released to largely positive critical review.

Friday, April 24 - the lash outs

the lash outs

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

Saturday, April 25 - bloody knives

bloody knives bloody knives

bloody knives

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

"Bloody Knives is often presented as "industrial shoegaze," but that description isn't quite right. Shoegaze was built on shy, passive performances and "swirling guitars." Bloody Knives ain't got none of that. This is a long-haired rock band from Austin, Texas, without a single six-string guitar. The three band members play drums, bass and synthesizer. This mixture creates a thick bliss: It's a combination of pretty distortion, eight-bit glitch and melody, backed by heavy stoner-rock thumping. Constant touring has spread the band's reputation as a thunderous live act; check it out with local openers Bug Chaser, Tone Rodent and Trauma Harness.

Go If: You want your 1988 My Bloody Valentine to rock like 1992 Kyuss.”

Jaime Lees, Riverfront Times

"Boo Radleys plus angst, Atari Teenage Riot minus Teutonic anger...You got your punk in my shoegaze!"

-Josh Modell, SPIN

“(The) drum-machine dream-pop of early Cocteau Twins, the aggression of A Place To Bury Strangers, and the 8-bit textures and bright melodies of the sadly departed Depreciation Guild.”

-New Artillery

Tuesday, April 28 - PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT


PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT, orgullo primitivo, filth, j. lange

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Pedestrian Deposit (CA) - ONE OF THE BEST NOISE PERFORMANCES YOU WILL EVER SEE!!!! Reverse tension noise composition; existing somewhere between electroacoustic music, sound collage, and pure harsh noise, with elements of nearly every style of experimental music in-between. ...The work of Jonathan Borges and Shannon Kennedy of Pedestrian Deposit could be described as highly composed, often abstract sound textures combined to create dynamic experimental music that draws on the duo’s widely contrasting auditory obsessions. Borges’ use of crude electronics, tape loops, field recordings, and controlled feedback, contrasts against Shannon’s use of stringed instruments, bowing techniques and amplified metal and wood, resulting in music that is both raw and refined. Pedestrian Deposit bears elements of electro-acoustic sound, musique concrete, classical, and harsh noise, but cannot be confined to any one genre. THIS WILL BE THEIR 4TH TIME IN DENTON!!




Wednesday, April 29 - simpsons trivia

simpsons trivia simpsons trivia

simpsons trivia

  • free/$3
  • 9pm doors

Friday, May 1 - close encounters of the third eye: the return of freak the mighty

close encounters of the third eye: the return of freak the mighty close encounters of the third eye: the return of freak the mighty

close encounters of the third eye: the return of freak the mighty, class action, West and the Grooves

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

That's right, Freak the Mighty has RETURNED!

After YEARS of waiting, practicing, beer drinking, whiskey drinking, more beer drinking, some sleeping ,and a lot of quail encounters, the boys of FTM are ready to hit the stage and return to the Denton music scene, featuring some sweet tunes from our good buds in West and the Grooves and Class Action.

Lineup as follows:

12:00 AM Freak the Mighty

11:00 PM Class Action

10:00 PM West and the Grooves

Doors at 9pm

Saturday, May 2 - timeghost

timeghost timeghost

HOUSE OF TINNITUS presents timeghost, Ora Iso

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Friday, May 8 - creepoid

creepoid creepoid

who loves the sun presents creepoid, narrowhead, glasir

  • $10/$12 cover
  • 10pm doors

Creepoid is another one of those buzz-worthy local bands crawling out from basements of homes/makeshift practice spaces/recording studios lately in Philly. On their debut EP Yellow Life Giver, they use a reel-to-reel tape machine circa ’56 to help document their evolution. Yes, they are another lo-fi act flooding the indie music landscape, but Creepoid’s raw, gritty production perfectly compliments these four eerily engaging tracks. They open the album with “Rotten Tooth” which is filled with the spirit of Kurt Cobain and that 90’s Grunge angst all heroined out.

Saturday, May 9 - David Leibe Hart

David Leibe Hart David Leibe Hart

David Leibe Hart, New Science Project, Gross Bitch, Biscuithead, Beth Dodds

Presale Tickets: $8 @

David Nkrumah Liebe Unger Hart, also credited as D.L. Hart, (born April 19, 1955) is an American outsider musician, street performer, sign and window painter, artist, puppeteer and actor. He is best known for his appearances on Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, performing bizarre puppetry and singing in a variety of voice characterizations. He is also known in the Los Angeles area for his role as a puppeteer on The Junior Christian Teaching Bible Lesson Program, a local public-access television cable TV program, as well as for performing with his puppet "Doug the Dog" just outside the Hollywood Bowl and Los Angeles Music Center after shows, where he is known to many concert goers simply as the "puppet man". He has also been known at times as David Hart, David Lieber Mintz, David Unger Hart, David King Liebe Hart and DL Hart.

Saturday, May 23 - beth israel

beth israel beth israel

beth israel, party static, bad beats, no touching

  • $7/$9 cover
  • 9pm doors

Wednesday, May 27 - hide

hide hide

HOUSE OF TINNITUS presents hide, vogue machine

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

HIDE (IL) Chicago's HIDE is a new project from visual artist HEATHER GABEL on vocals and multi-instrumentalist SETH SHER (COUGHS, GA'AN, PSYCHIC STEEL, ZATH, OAKEATER) on electronics. First time lyricist Heather Gabel continues to explore the dark themes she has been working with in her visual arts
practice with this new medium.. The band just finished their first tour opening for Marilyn Manson. HIDE released their first single in October 2015 and will release their second due out this spring when they will be
hitting the road again opening for Alkaline Trio. Their live show is energetic/aggressive/frenetic/a visceral experience while maintaining an ethereal energy with synced strobes and dense fog. Future plans include a second video art piece to follow their performance piece titled Rites/Rituals at Palace Film Fest this past January in Chicago, an interactive sound installation piece incorporating the band's unique visual aesthetic and a
full length release which is currently in the pre-production phase. In the meantime, HIDE continues to play locally and nationally, captivating audiences with their dark, minimal mix of electronic, goth and industrial music.

Vogue Machine


MORE INFO SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4 - Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr Ringo Deathstarr

who presents Ringo Deathstarr

  • $10/$12 cover
  • 9pm doors

Who Loves the Sun presents...

Ringo Deathstarr (Austin, TX)

+ more tba!
Thursday, June 4th
Doors @ 9:00pm / Show @ 9:30pm
$8 adv. / $10 for 21+ / $12 for minors

Rubber Gloves
409 E. Sycamore St.
Denton, TX 76205
This is another gig that we're throwing with Ringo Deathstarr. A description isn't necessary, but suffice to say, it is going to rule hard.

Monday, June 15 - tenement

tenement tenement

tenement, big zit, radioactivity, collick, sin motivo

  • $8/$10 cover
  • 8pm doors

Tenement-Quite possibly the living breathing version of a musical encyclopedia. Jazz? Check. Hardcore? Check. Etc? Definitely check. I can't even think of a comparative band here...nor do I want to...just be a fan of music and you'll like this band. I mean, what else is supposed to happen when you put three very nice guys together in a group? You hate them? No way.

Anyway here's some songs they recorded.

Big Zit-HR got unhomophobic moved to the Midwest recruited the best musicians and said fuck it let's do this. Hardcore for weirdos. Papa said bring your mosh shoes.

Radioactivity-Sometimes it's hard to have a really big heart. Nobody likes to feel sad or pained. These are the songs that soothe the harsh part of life.

Sin Motivo-I heard Ramón was going into this unmustached.

Collick-I heard Corey was gonna grow a mustache for this.

$8 for 21 and over $10 for under


Saturday, June 20 - randall conrad olinger

randall conrad olinger randall conrad olinger

randall conrad olinger, old warhorse, dim locator

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Sitting atop an old wooden ammunition box,
Randall Conrad Olinger plays a jambalaya
mix of country, blues, carny-rock and
metal, or as he likes to call it “hobo
honky-tonk!” A brand of music all his own,
crafted from old amps, loud guitars, and a
homemade foot drum held together by wires,
tires, and other household junk.
R.C.O. is a fearless soul from Denver,
Colorado, who’s played the street, rail,
and river bank, pub, bar and theater,
sharing the stage with local legends Munly
and The Lupercalians, as well as national
acts, such as Scott H. Biram, and William
Elliot Whitmore.
Randall Conrad Olinger always brings the
best with his honest, foot-stompin’ rock
music, straight from the heart.