This Week @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

  • Sat Nov 28

    • Substitution: 1B
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Thu Dec 3

    • Big A$$ Beer
    • free/$3
    • 9pm doors
  • Fri Dec 4

    • Dripping Wet
    • Goldenjoy
    • The Single Issues
    • Playlists
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Sat Dec 5

    • Food Truck Night
    • free/$3
    • 9pm doors
  • Sat Dec 12

    • Savage and the Big Beat
    • Landrest
    • Switchblade Razors
    • Turtle Rush
    • $5/$7 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Mon Dec 14

    • Dallas Distortion Music presents:
    • Psychomagic
    • Pearl Earl
    • William Austin Clay
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors

Friday, November 27 - Matt Solomon

Denton Comedy Collective Denton Comedy Collective

Denton Comedy Collective presents Matt Solomon, Clint Werth, Dacey Tyson, Jesse Snider, Dalton Prewitt

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Come spend $5 to see Denton an Dallas's finest funny people!
There are Black Friday deals out the ass, and this show is one of 'em! We're combining stand-up, theatre, and performance art elements to bring you something special!

The show will open with;

A Special Treat for You Guys

The Show will feature:

Dacey Tyson
Jesse Snider
Dalton Prewitt

Your headliners will be:

Matt Solomon
Clint Werth

And your hosts will be Stu Hollowell an Shane Silagi

Doors are at 9p
Admission is $5
All ages welcome.

Bring your family! Tell your friends!

Saturday, November 28 - Substitution: 1B

Substitution: 1B Substitution: 1B

Substitution: 1B

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

New Media Performance night at Rubber Gloves!

Artists Include:

Colton White
Blair Johnston
Luke Peterson
Jessie Alexandra
Clayton Norris

Thursday, December 3 - Big A$$ Beer

Big A$$ Beer Big A$$ Beer

Big A$$ Beer

  • free/$3
  • 9pm doors

Friday, December 4 - Dripping Wet

Dripping Wet Dripping Wet

Dripping Wet, Goldenjoy, The Single Issues, Playlists

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

five guys

Benny and Gibby

After a few years and few lineup changes The Single Issues honed their sound while experimenting in Joel Adair's home studio. Mixing psychedelic rock with twee pop, and dark influences they conjured up a sound that is both up beat and gloomy depending on your mood.

basement bop

Saturday, December 5 - Food Truck Night

Food Truck Night Food Truck Night

Food Truck Night

  • free/$3
  • 9pm doors

We at Rubber Gloves pride ourselves in being supportive of local bussineses in Denton, and businesses in Denton's culinary scene are no exception.

For that reason, we're stoked to announce our first installment of FOOD TRUCK NIGHT. This is a night where we have local food trucks park outside the venue and sell you food that doesn't suck. So come on down and eat to your hearts content, and while you're at it, come to our bar for a few beers and cocktails.


No cover
Bar opens @ 9pm
All ages

Saturday, December 12 - Savage and the Big Beat

Savage and the Big Beat Savage and the Big Beat

Savage and the Big Beat, Landrest, Switchblade Razors, Turtle Rush

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Max and Ryan Cortez started Savage and the Big Beat in the mid 2000's. While still a duo, Savage released Jurassic Park: The Musical, a musical tribute to Michael Crichton's novel and Steven Spielburg's (Jeff Goldblum's) film. It was tremendously successful and made Max and Ryan very, very wealthy. They went out into the city and spent and spent and spent. Then, one day, they reached into their pockets and found nothing there. They began working for a local farmer, grateful to eat the pods the pigs feasted on, when they remembered the loving arms of the father they had yet to meet, Kyle Irion, and came back to Denton. Kyle joined the group in December of 2012, adding a sonic heft, an audible Biggie Size.

In September of 2013, Savage released their first studio-produced EP, "Love and Hunting," produced by Roy Robertson.

In March 2013, Savage bought some buttons.

In 2013, Savage released "We are Defenders," a spiritual sequel to "Love and Hunting," featuring a more aggressive, more ray-gun like sound.

"SuperLab" was released Halloween of 2013 just for the spooky fun of it. This was Savage's third collaboration with recorder/mixer/wizard Andrew Majors.

In 2014, Savage welcomed Rolf Nelson their new Big Beat.

Also in 2014, guitar player Kyle Irion wondered where he fit in to the group, whether he was part of the Savage or the Big Beat or if he was some amorphous part of the "and the."


"Though they've been playing shows in Denton for the past couple of years, Savage and the Big Beat have yet to release a proper full-length album.
Well, actually, that's not entirely true. Last year, Max Brown and Ryan Cortez released an 18-track soundtrack to a parody musical based on Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Not counting that, though, the twosome has only released a handful of somewhat lo-fi EPs.
And although their upcoming Love and Hunting release still won't see them exploring full-length territory just yet, it nonetheless marks a big leap forward for the former drums- and piano-based duo. Aside from being the most polished tracks they've put out to date, the addition of guitarist Kyle Irion has beefed up the already frenzied clanking of the band's theatrical-rooted piano-heavy sound. In a good way, too: The fact that Brown's vocals so closely resemble Freddie Mercury's when paired with the band's musical theater leanings will surely draw some obvious comparisons upon the disc's release."
-Cory Graves,


"Five Denton Bands You Should Know"
(We're one of them!)

Monday, December 14 - Psychomagic

Psychomagic Psychomagic

Dallas Distortion Music presents Psychomagic, Pearl Earl, William Austin Clay

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

Normally, when you ask a band, "How did you get together?" the answer is going to be pretty straightforward. But nothing about the psych-rock quintet Psychomagic is straightforward.

Bass player Scott Page says he stumbled across keyboardist Eddie Bond on an amateur webcam site. Bond says he met the band "in a basement" and "fell in love with Scott's eyes." Guitarist Stone Tang is the most forthcoming: "I was pissed off at my bandmates, and they were pissed of at some of theirs, and I said, as a joke: 'Fuck this. This sucks. I should play guitar for you guys.' And then a month later I was in the band."

Saturday, December 19 - Broken Gold

Broken Gold Broken Gold

Broken Gold, Party Static, Hate Your Friends, Codetalkers

Broken Gold emerged naturally with inspiration stemming from front man, Ian MacDougall's (guitarist for The Riverboat Gamblers) oftentimes-tragic personal experiences. Taking a negative – being stranded on the streets of New York with no shoes in the middle of winter – and turning it into a positive the likes of the energetic anthem "Locked out," Broken Gold provides a soundtrack to recovery from life's catastrophes.

The band's debut album, Recovery Journal, deals with events that span from heartbreak and addiction, to rebellion and life at home. At times, the album offers lyrics pulled directly from MacDougall's own recovery journal that he kept following a traumatic accident in October of 2009 – he was hit by a car while riding home on his bike – that left him hospitalized and with major injuries that threatened to end his career as a guitarist.

Take the emotional unrest that was the result of that extremely close call and throw in the styling of long-time friends, Patrick Lillard (bassist and previous member of The Riverboat Gamblers) and Richard Cali (drums), and the result is the kind of strong yet unforced sound that only comes with shared experiences and years of jamming together.

With major support pouring out of the streets of their hometown, Austin, Texas, Broken Gold is now answering the call from devoted locals for a full-length album.

Rock, pop, punk – Broken Gold pays homage to a hefty assortment of influences, which include The Clash, Big Star, The Who, The Smiths, Stone Roses and New Order. The band's powerful vocals rip through the heavy blare to grab your shoulders and shake you into submission.

Sunday, January 31 - Free Throw

Free Throw Free Throw

Free Throw, Young and Heartless, Sinai Vessel

Five dudes in van trying to play shows, drink beer, and make friends.