This Week @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

  • Fri Apr 29

    • Vanessa Peters
    • Daniel Markham & Claire Morales
    • Tony Ferraro
    • Jared Caraway
    • $5/$7 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Sat Apr 30

    • DDFW Master of the Mic
    • $5/$7 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Mon May 9

    • Dreamers
    • The Young Wild
    • Relick
  • Wed May 11

    • Author
    • Sea Cycles
    • Least of These
  • Thu May 12

    • From Indian Lakes (acoustic)
  • Mon May 23

    • Parade of Flesh presents:
    • Pleasure Leftists
    • Elix-r
    • Soy Babies

Thursday, April 28 - Death Spa

Death Spa Death Spa

Hotel Broslin presents Death Spa

  • free/$3
  • 9pm doors

Hotel Broslin is bringing out the big guns this go around. And by guns we mean biceps. And glutes. And guts. Hotel Broslin is proud to present Death Spa in all it's gleaming early 90's shlock goodness. If you're familair with Chopping Mall, then you're halfway there. Just exchange the Orange Julius for a stair stepper. As always there will be shorts before the film, a VHS/LP/CS/whatever swap. And special prize giveaways too! So come treat yourself Thursday night.

Friday, April 29 - Vanessa Peters

Vanessa Peters Vanessa Peters

Vanessa Peters, Daniel Markham & Claire Morales, Tony Ferraro, Jared Caraway

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

Called "the best kind of singer-songwriter" by The Dallas Observer, Vanessa Peters has played over 1000 shows in 11 countries since 2003, receiving accolades from abroad and in her hometown of Dallas, where she was recently nominated as “Best Folk Artist." She continues to tour the US and in Europe, where she has a strong fan base thanks to the albums she made with her former Italian band, Ice Cream on Mondays, and the hundreds of shows she has played in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

Her most recent album, "The Burn The Truth The Lies," was her most commercially and critically successful to date. Financed through Kickstarter, the album was recorded by Jim Vollentine (Patty Griffin, Spoon) and produced by Rip Rowan (Old 97s, Rhett Miller). She was backed by an all-star cast of Texas musicians, including Grammy award-winning guitarist Joe Reyes, drummer John Dufilho (Apples in Stereo), and bassist Jason Garner (The Polyphonic Spree).

After touring for two years in support of her last album, Vanessa is now working on a number of new projects. She expects to release at least two albums in 2015 – an Americana-tinged album recorded with The Sentimentals, as well as an album of her own material co-produced with Rip Rowan. And who knows? “I’ve been dying to do a covers record for years,” Vanessa says with a little smile. “Don’t see why we can’t squeeze that in as well.”

“The singer-songwriter’s fifth full-length, the album’s rich with intimate observations and relaxed, natural musicianship even on exuberant anthems such as “Grateful.” Her writing and unaffected deliver evokes Aimee Mann as well as the Weakerthans’ John K. Samson”
- David Greenwald, music critic for the Oregonian

Saturday, April 30 - DDFW Master of the Mic

Master of the Mic Master of the Mic

DDFW Master of the Mic

  • $5/$7 cover
  • 9pm doors

1. Pudge Brewer of Fab Deuce
2. Sara Button of the Dentonite & Dallas Observer
3.Marcus Washington aka Milla Da Mayor

Monday, May 9 - Dreamers

Dreamers Dreamers

Dreamers, The Young Wild, Relick

Prepare to embark on a journey with Brooklyn’s DREAMERS and their unique brand of ‘70s punk meets power pop. Comprised of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar) and Nelson (bass, backup vocals), DREAMERS were first introduced to the universe in November 2014 with their self-released, self-titled debut EP. Their colorfully passionate music tugged at heartstrings and had tastemakers dancing around the room all in one fell swoop, with praise pouring in from the likes of Billboard, Spin, Alternative Press, Vice NOISEY, Guitar World, and major buzz from the blogosphere and HypeM heavy hitters like The Wild Honey Pie, Earmilk and Baeble. The band has already shared the stage with such notable artists as The Vaccines, The 1975, Bear Hands, Walk The Moon, Stone Temple Pilots, Oberhofer, and Broncho.

Their new single “Wolves” immediately caught the ears of SiriusXM’s AltNation and was placed in full rotation. The song climbed the Alt18 Countdown (based on fan votes) - peaking at #7. It also received spins on KROQ and reached #2 on alternative specialty radio's FMQB and KKBB singles charts.

The band is headed back into the studio this summer to record a follow-up LP to be released in early 2016 via Fairfax Recordings.

Wednesday, May 11 - Author

Author Author

Author, Sea Cycles, Least of These

Author is an Indie Rock four piece from Minneapolis MN. Their most recent release "Of Brighter Days" dropped on January 15th 2015 and they're currently on tour in support of the release.
Their previous release "People Are Alike All Over" , dropped May of 2012.

Jacksonville Florida has its list of noteworthy artists and musicians like any city does, however if you manage to dig a bit deeper you'll find an entire thriving ecosystem of bands like when you used to turn over a stones behind your elementary school when you were a kid. Amongst these many creative and talented groups is a band called Sea Cycles made up from the minds of Brian Squillace, Landon Paul, Josh Wessolowski and Lindsey Shante. Sea Cycles formed in late 2011 and released their brand of ambient synth pop via their debut and self released EP entitled 'What We Came For'. After catching the attention of Other People Records, the band will release their debut LP 'Ground & Air' via the Los Angeles based independent label in the summer of 2015. Drawing positive comparisons to indie favorites such as Broken Social Scene, Yeasayer and M83, Sea Cycles has proven the timeless adage that a good band is a good band and there's no arguing with that.

Thursday, May 12 - From Indian Lakes (acoustic)

From Indian Lakes (acoustic) From Indian Lakes (acoustic)

From Indian Lakes (acoustic)

Joey Vannucchi began songwriting in a small mountain community just outside Yosemite National Park and later enlisted the help of friends to perform his material. Able Bodies (album) gained acclaim when it was released independently in 2012. Vannucchi continues to evolve the band's sound into music that "blurs the boundaries of genres like indie, post-rock and alternative" and From Indian Lakes anticipates their third release, "Absent Sounds", on Triple Crown Records.

Monday, May 23 - Pleasure Leftists

Pleasure Leftists Pleasure Leftists

Parade of Flesh presents Pleasure Leftists, Elix-r, Soy Babies

Cleveland post-punk quartet Pleasure Leftists borrow more than a few gloomy moves from late 1970s Britain, but they've got the finesse to stake their own ground. Fronted by the grayly expressive Haley Morris, a powerful singer who claims equal influence from Factory Records and 1950s French balladeer Édith Piaf, the band breathes speed and energy into a formula that could otherwise be written off as mere posturing. "Elephant Men" builds its velocity off a hard-driving 2-D drum sound (claiming two former members of brutal Cleveland hardcore act 9 Shocks Terror doesn't hurt) and eschews a deadpan aesthetic for something that sounds desperate and poised. The 7" comes backed by "Not Over", and it's seeing release via the Brooklyn label Katorga Works (home to Merchandise, Wiccans, CREEM).

Tuesday, May 24 - Vundabar

Vundabar Vundabar


Vundabar began as a recording project between Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald during their last year in high school together. Since then it has grown into far more. In April of 2013 they released their first album 'Antics' independently, which was followed up with multiple US tours and their first European tour, a two month string of shows with an emphasis on Festival dates as well as club dates. They have since returned to Europe for a second tour in the fall of 2014 and are anticipating a follow up tour in the spring of 2014. All of this being said, the three current members are only between 19 and 20 years of age. The Boston trio has been described as jangle pop and often compared to the likes of The Pixies and Thee Oh Sees for their quiet/loud dynamic and pop sensibility. They're know for their energetic live sets, and comedic approach to the performance.

Friday, May 27 - Swimming With Bears

Swimming With Bears Swimming With Bears

Swimming With Bears

Through a little trial and error Swimming With Bears was established as a side project to another band the guys were in around 2011. With Joe Perry now on lead vox (and also bass) SWB inspired by a new style of sound, along with the guitars of Alec Conte and Jonathan Kerr with Ryan Hannasch on drums, went on to write their first 5 song EP recorded at Droplink studios in Austin, TX 2011, released 2012. With the EP completed and seeing the great response it received, SWB went on the hunt for shows, exposure and possible ways to record their first full feature album which they accomplished after meeting Matt Noveskey of Blue October who offered to work with the band as producer of their first album. After successfully raising $20k from their debut album's kickstarter campaign in 2012 and getting Matt as their new producer, the guys hit Austin's own Test Tube Audio with audio engineer Kevin Butler behind the board. Their debut album "Paw" is due to release Spring 2014 and is streaming at now. Since recording their album the band has gone on a short Texas based tour opening for Austin's own Language Room and also was afforded the opportunity to also open for Blue October in November of 2014. Recently the band was featured in American music magazine "Alternative Press" in their AP&R section as a special selection by the Alternative Press Reps Austin, TX. Looking forward to 2014, SWB is looking to go on tour in support of their first album and keep pushing forward to spread their alternative soul sound across the nation.

Friday, June 10 - Boyfrndz

Boyfrndz Boyfrndz

Boyfrndz, Residual Kid

"New Austin, Texas, band Boyfrndz, however, was very well-put-together, with a decidedly math-rock bent. (You don't pack a six-string bass for nothing, right?) But they're much more than that. They merge kinetic, head-exploding release with an airy sense of song. This melodic heavenliness makes their technicality an invigorating punch and not a dragging anchor of overreaching display that kills the humanity in their music. It's the kind of experimental rock with real beauty, the kind that doesn't lose sight of the emotionality of music. They were the question mark from out of town, but ended up being a surprise find." -Orlando weekly

"Technically out of this world, the sound achieved on this release simply resonates as the beauty of chaos. You will love this ride, it's one that shocked my senses every single minute." -Sound Colour Vibration on Live with Ikey Owens

"This is just one of those bands you don't want to label with technical mumbo-jumbo. One moment you're caught in the hook with eerie vocals, bobbing your head, and the next a complicated guitar riff slams and faster-than-light drums hit you in the back of the head. If music is a journey, Boyfrndz is weaving in and out the back roads on a schizophrenic highway." -Hearingade

"This is an obvious 'Do not miss this band before they blow the f–k up' kind of thing." -Knuckle Rumbler

"Boyfrndz sound is an explosive contusion of wild guitar noise and expansive rhythms that fans of Tera Melos, Zach Hill, and Marnie Stern will be sure to enjoy." -Exploding in Sound

"Boyfrndz definitely exude a really chilled-out, shoegazey approach to noise-pop. The piecey, glitchy moments in "Human Suit" remind me of Baths, just without the occasional, head-scratchingly offensive vocal line. The songs sound bright and sunny— no, wait, they sound like a vacation. While there's a lot going on in every song, I feel relaxed, like I can let the electric blips and static-laced bass wash over me in waves." -Musicurious


Inevitably a new generation of musicians would discover that music, and with the benefit of hindsight, make it their own. Enter Austin Texas' own: RESIDUAL KID. Consisting of brothers Ben and Max Redman (drums and bass respectively) and singer / guitarist Deven Ivy, RESIDUAL KID is awash with equal parts high-end jangly guitars and chunky distortion. Beneath the layers of fuzz lay three ace-players who embrace their influences while putting their own stamp on the grungy delivery of fuzzy guitars, driving beats, and catchy melodic hooks. RESIDUAL KID is post-modern grunge.

Monday, June 13 - Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts Tiny Moving Parts

Parade of Flesh presents Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, Free Throw

Based out of Benson, Minnesota, emotionally charged screamo/math rock unit Tiny Moving Parts was formed around the talents of Dylan Mattheisen, William Chevalier, and Matthew Chevalier while the trio was still in high school. The band issued its debut EP, Moving to Antarctica, in 2010, followed by the Kind of Like Records-issued full-length This Couch Is Long & Full in 2013. The trio inked a deal with Triple Crown Records the following year and released their sophomore long-player Pleasant Living. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Saturday, June 25 - Malfunction

Malfunction Malfunction

Malfunction, Lost Souls

  • $7/$9 cover
  • 9pm doors

Started in the summer of 2011, Malfunction was founded by four friends who wanted to play music to revive the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene. After releasing the “Locals Only” demo, they felt that they still had a lot to prove and weren’t content with where they were as a band. With the release of their new 7″, “Finding My Peace,” on Reaper Records, Malfunction will work to prove that they deserve to be mentioned as one of the best up-and-coming bands around.

Saturday, July 30 - Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler

For more than 12 years, Marissa Nadler has perfected her own take on the exquisitely sculpted gothic American songform. On her seventh full-length, Strangers, she has shed any self-imposed restrictions her earlier albums adhered to, stepped through a looking glass, and created a truly monumental work.

In the two years since 2014’s elegiac, autobiographical July, Nadler has reconciled the heartbreak so often a catalyst for her songwriting. Turning her writing to more universal themes, Nadler dives deep into a surreal, apocalyptic dreamscape. Her lyrics touch upon the loneliness and despair of the characters that inhabit them. These muses are primal, fractured, disillusioned, delicate, and alone. They are the unified voice of this record, the titular “strangers.”

This sense of “end times” is exemplified by the sparse, piano-driven opener “Divers of the Dust.” Written utilizing a Dadaist cut-up technique (popularized by David Bowie and William S. Burroughs), Nadler layers hypnagogic imagery of waves pulling cities into the ocean over a very personal tale of longing.

Once again partnered with July producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Black Mountain) Nadler has created a new album equal in sonic quality to the apocalyptic lyrical tone that covers its 44 minutes. In places her voice and guitar play off subsonic synths, while elsewhere, as in “Katie I Know,” a pulsing drumbeat launches the song off into an intense, confrontational place. “Janie in Love” is another full-band highlight, marrying the album’s most allegorically primal lyrics to the melodic hooks that makes Nadler one of the best songwriters working today.