This Week @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

  • Sun Oct 26

    • benny the jet rodriguez
    • stymie
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Tue Oct 28

    • brighter death now
    • deutsch nepal
    • raison d'être
    • steel hook prostheses
    • filth, black leather jesus, goat
    • $1/$3 cover
    • 10pm doors
  • Wed Oct 29

    • SPUNE presents:
    • Secret Chiefs 3
    • atomic ape
    • invincible czars
    • cerulean giallo
  • Thu Oct 30

    • $1/$3 cover
    • 9pm doors
  • Fri Oct 31

    • do for it halloween presents:
    • princess for a night, spectallica
    • black santa
    • the automobiles
    • sex type thing
    • shaozzy death sbourne
    • $10/$12 cover
    • 8pm doors
  • Sat Nov 1

    • bludded head "reign in bludd" album release
    • fungi girls
    • geistheistler
    • $7/$5 cover
    • 9pm doors

Saturday, October 25 - standup comedy @ RGRS

standup comedy @ RGRS standup comedy @ RGRS

DENTON COMEDY COLLECTIVE presents standup comedy @ RGRS

  • $3/$5 cover
  • 9pm doors

A night of comedy.

Hosted by Jasmine Ellis


Alex Smelser

Paul Feerow

Matt Soloman

Andrew Woods

Scott Crisp

Clint Werth

Sunday, October 26 - benny the jet rodriguez

benny the jet rodriguez benny the jet rodriguez

benny the jet rodriguez, stymie, GOOD HANK

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 9pm doors

Tuesday, October 28 - brighter death now

brighter death now brighter death now

brighter death now, deutsch nepal, raison d'être, steel hook prostheses, filth, black leather jesus, goat

  • $1/$3 cover
  • 10pm doors

:: DISCIPLINE Presents ::


Taking a shameless, cynical, and comical look into the basest and worst aspects of the human condition, BDN is one of the single most influential industrial acts of the past two decades. Responsible for the coinage of the genre that is known as "deathindustrial", Roger Karmanik — founder of the seminal record label COLD MEAT INDUSTRY — has provided the world of dark, harsh music with some of its finest exemplars.


Herr Generalstaab Lina Baby Doll has been active as DEUTSCH NEPAL for more than two decades, having evolved over time into a sort of "industrial crooner", standing at the front and belting out tribal anthems over martial rhythms; dystopian drinking songs for the party at the end of the world.

+ raison d'être (Sweden)

Peter Andersson stands as one of the most important artists working under the "darkambient" monicker, crafting some of the genre's most incredibly somber and emotionally impactful work.

The sound of raison d'être is immediately recognisable and punctuated by utterly, overpoweringly beautiful, bleakness.



+ FILTH (North Texas)

+ GOAT (North Texas)

Wednesday, October 29 - Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3 Secret Chiefs 3

SPUNE presents Secret Chiefs 3, atomic ape, invincible czars, cerulean giallo

Secret Chiefs 3 have switched in to high gear. Having just completed a national tour in October with legendary Italian Giallo Horror soundtrack masters, Goblin, they released their long-awaited “Book of Souls: Folio A” album in late November. Next they are touring the west coast in February in support of that new album, and, surprise of surprises, are doing so armed with TWO new 7” records in hand. These will be available in stores stocking through Revolver USA, but those attending shows on the band’s February tour can get them right away.

In truth, Secret Chiefs 3 is always in high gear. Most people don’t realize they have played well over 300 shows in 34 countries in the last seven years.

But with a long-labored-over album in the can (you can read about it in the expanded bio), and fresh supplies of oxygen in the lungs, fresh new surprise releases are bubbling up through the Winter pseudo-frost as if it were Spring!

This tour will feature the A-team line-up of SC3 familiars: Drums / Ches Smith (Ceramic Dog), Keyboards / Matt Lebofsky (miRthkon, Moe Tar), Bass / Toby Driver (Kayo Dot), Violin, Guitar and Trumpet / Timba Harris (Estradasphere) and Saz, Guitar and Keyboards / Trey Spruance (The Three Doctors, Mr. Bungle). The band is extra excited to be re-united in this configuration!

DAY OF SHOW: $18.00

Friday, October 31 - princess for a night, spectallica

Princess for a night, spectallica Princess for a night, spectallica

do for it halloween presents princess for a night, spectallica, black santa, the automobiles, sex type thing, shaozzy death sbourne

  • $10/$12 cover
  • 8pm doors

Every year bands are chosen to perform in our annual Halloween show. All bands not only play the music but also dress up. This is a must see and costumes are encouraged.
Come out and have a blast with us, Denton.

$7 cover if wearing a costume!

Saturday, November 1 - bludded head "reign in bludd" album release

bludded head bludded head "reign in bludd" album release

bludded head "reign in bludd" album release, fungi girls, geistheistler

  • $7/$5 cover
  • 9pm doors

Sunday, November 2 - Tele Novella

Tele Novella Tele Novella

Tele Novella, Mink Coats, dripping wet

  • $7 cover
  • 9pm doors

When Austin psych-pop band Tele Novella released their video for "Umbrella at the Station" back in October, the band felt influenced by equal parts Nancy Sinatra and The Virgin Suicides, combining classic '60s rhythms with a macabre undertones. Their newest video for "Trouble in Paradise," the first single off their forthcoming Cosmic Dial Tone EP, drives that aesthetic home. The song has a slinky, staccato beat that allows lead vocalist Natalie Gordon's deep, syrupy voice draw you close before slipping away with a snake-like hiss. Naturally, the accompanying video for "Trouble in Paradise" is a Dia De Los Muertos prom-slash-seance, complete with face paint, flower crowns and a smoke machine. It's the oddities of Beetlejuice meeting the collage-stylings of Rookie Mag, all drenched in darkness. Watch the video for "Trouble in Paradise" above and keep a look out for Cosmic Dial Tone, which is due out on June 14 via Lolipop Records. - Maud Deitch

Wednesday, November 5 - spider bags

spider bags spider bags

spune presents spider bags

advance tickets $7:
$10 day of show

Spider Bags formed in 2005 as a long-distance project between close friends who had known each other since their high school days in New Jersey. Dan McGee had just witnessed the demise of his NYC-based punk band DC Snipers. Feeling he had gone as far as he could with the three-chord punk genre, and not wanting to repeat himself, he began writing volumes of songs with his friend Gregg Levy. He began sending these new songs in demo form to three of his NJ friends who had since relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. McGee and Levy drove down to NC to record with the full band, intending it to be more of a visit than anything. But something special happened during that recording, and eventually McGee and Levy would relocate to the area as well. That original lineup recorded their excellent debut, A Celebration of Hunger (Birdman, 2007), with Brian Paulson and then toured the country together for a couple of years before eventually going their separate ways. But McGee found himself more prolific than ever, and he and Levy decided to keep Spider Bags going. A number of different players toured and recorded with the band while they finished another full-length, Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World (Birdman, 2009), and recorded half a dozen singles. Shortly after, Levy would move back north, but he continues to be a contributing member when he can.

During the 2011 recording of the band’s third album, Shake My Head (Odessa, 2012), the current lineup consisting of Steve Oliva (bass) and Rock Forbes (drums) was finally solidified. Having gone through so many members by this point, McGee couldn’t help but wonder if the guys would stick around for the long haul. But slimming down to a three-piece, the band members found they connected musically, and most importantly, they all liked each other. Building upon the foundation laid down by its predecessor, Frozen Letter rocks with the clairvoyance of three musicians who have spent a lot of time recording and touring together over the last few years. “When we started this record, we weren’t even thinking about it being released. We just did it to have fun and keep moving forward,” says Forbes, who has been playing with Spider Bags since 2008. This approach, and McGee’s intent to make a “weird, trippy record,” allowed the band to push itself further out into the psychedelic frontier than ever before, aided by engineer/producer Wesley Wolfe. Simultaneously, the trio was recording a full-length as the backing band for North Carolina blues singer extraordinaire Reese McHenry. The sessions, both engineered by Wolfe, tended to blend together but also kept the band focused on music. Some finished songs were left on the cutting room floor (and the McHenry album as of this writing is still a work in progress), but during those three exhilarating days, the eight songs on Frozen Letter were recorded.

Opening side one, “Back With You Again in the World” is the kind of up-tempo, riff-driven rocker that Spider Bags have made their trademark, augmented by an Andy Mackay-style sax solo. “Japanese Vacation,” with its Chuck Berry-by-way-of-Johnny Thunders riff, and the frenetic “Chem Trails” keep the needle placed firmly in the red. Indeed, these first three songs blast by with such urgency that you feel as if you were just ushered into the Spider Bags home, and over the course of ten minutes, they failed to take your coat, give you a seat, or offer you a drink—but you had so much fun that it didn’t matter. Before you know it, you’re bouncing along to a cover of John Wesley Coleman’s “Summer of ’79.” “Why you wanna be a Rolling Stone?” McGee sings, in a perhaps lighthearted example of “poking fun at oneself.” Whether he’s referencing the band or the concept is unclear, but the distinction hardly matters. But just as we think we know what kind of record this is, the band plunges us immediately into darker and moodier territory. “Coffin Car” finds them mining an ominous morbidity, but over one of their prettier chord patterns.

Side two continues the introspective mood established by “Coffin Car.” “Walking Bubble” features a gorgeous fingerpicked acoustic guitar and the enigmatic lyric “Why trust the morning to the sky / Is there good reason why?” The line is punctuated by a doubled, haunting guitar riff—a detail, like many on the record, that pushes things into headphone territory. The centerpiece of the record is the brown-acid-laced “We Got Problems,” which features a heavy and repetitive pattern, a slew of effected guitars, searing guest leads from Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan, and some of McGee’s best vocals to date. The song encapsulates an entire Spider Bags epoch in just under six minutes.

Taken as a whole, Frozen Letter manages to glide along the razor’s edge, and true to an actual acid trip, there are moments of utter terror alongside unfettered joy.

Friday, November 7 - Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Wedding Dress

who loves the sun presents Wedding Dress, dome dwellers, power objects

  • $6/$8 cover
  • 9pm doors

Who Loves the Sun Presents...

Wedding Dress (Chicago, IL)

Dome Dwellers

Power Objects
Friday, November 7th
Doors 9pm / Set times tbd
$6 for 21+ / $8 for kiddos

Rubber Gloves
411 E. Sycamore St.
Denton, TX 76205
Wedding Dress are a pretty cool band. They're a group consisting of Erin Elders (Maps & Atlases), Mike Russell and Matt Lemke (both of Suns), and Bobby Burg (Joan of Arc). They're playing Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites, along with other names such as Guided by Voices (EDIT: nvm they broke up again), Dinosaur Jr, Mineral, Foxygen, the Octopus Project + more.

And in the days leading to that, they will be touring Texas, hitting up Thee Olde Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios the day prior, with Dome Dwellers and Power Objects (members of Bad Design and Dear Human).

Saturday, November 8 - Madaline

Madaline Madaline

Madaline, I am Clark Kent, Top Hat Ted, Once Short, Johnny's Big Red Rocket

  • $10/$12 cover
  • 9pm doors

Madaline Denton Ska

I Am Clark Kent DFW Ska

Top Hat Ted Dallas Ska

One Short McKinney Ska

Johnny's Big Red Rocket Denton Ska

Thursday, November 20 - captured by robots

capture by robots capture by robots

captured by robots

  • $10/$12 cover
  • 9pm doors

2 kick ass robots, 1 stupid human. Brutal pummeling music. End of story.
But you wanna read more stupid crap? Ok, idiot human.

C!BR has been touring the world since 1997, playing thousands of dive bars for millions of drunk humans.

In 1996, Jay Vance made the robots because he was extremely unlikeable, and wanted to play in a band after all his past human bands hated him. He got to work. Shortly after, GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT 0110 were born. After a horrible accident involving many drugs and a chemical spill, the Bots became self aware and captured the human, now renamed JBOT. It was decided that they would travel the country, rocking out while bent on world domination and humiliating the masked and chained idiotic human in front of his human peers.

In 2013, a critical point was achieved in robotic/human symbiosis. The Bots over went their sixth upgrade, developing human faces in an attempt to fool the pathetic humans into lowering their guard, not unlike decoys in duck hunting.

Humans are now the hunted! Hahaha!

As well, JBOT’s chains and mask were removed, after 15 years of captivity the chains were no longer needed as they were now chains of the mind, and removal of the mask serves to show how ugly and disgusting the human JBOT really is.

The Bots and JBOT’s relationship has changed, now they are much more united in hating humanity. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe… Or maybe you all just suck really really bad.

C!BR’s newly found united aggression towards humanity has been channeled into fast n loud music, designed to deafen and destroy, to pound and pummel, breaking your bones with brutal tones.

So that’s it. End of story for reals.
But one more thing…
Fuck you, human!

Friday, November 21 - say hi

say hi say hi

who loves the sun presents say hi, fishboy

Since founding Say Hi labs in 2002, Eric Elbogen and his team of slightly flawed and persistently-flat clones have been proving to humanity that synthesizer music doesn't have to lack a sense of humor and that drum machines can still swing and shuffle like the jazz great ones. But it wasn't until the team began working on Endless Wonder in late 2011, when all rock and roll bands were required to trade in their Warlock guitars for step sequencers and self-oscillating sweepable low pass filters, that they knew they were on the brink of something crucial: the probable savior of humankind itself.

Endless Wonder is out now.

Thursday, October 15 - seven doors of death

seven doors of death seven doors of death

seven doors of death

  • free/$3
  • 9pm doors